Nobody is Listening to Me

Posted: 23 Oct 2010 04:22 AM PDT

I disagree with several aspects of Jurgen Moltmann’s theology, but I appreciated this analogy from him where he warns against the danger of analyzing the Bible in such a way that we no longer pay attention what God wants to say.

I imagine that I step behind the pulpit in a church and preach in order to proclaim the Gospel and, if possible, awaken the faith. But those who sit in the pew don’t listen to my words. A historian is there who examines critically facts about which I am speaking; a psychologist is there who analyzes my psyche which reveals itself in my speech; a cultural anthropologist is there who observes my personal style; a sociologist is there who is identifying the class to which I belong and as whose representative he believes I am functioning. Everybody is analyzing me and my context, but nobody is listening to what I want to say. And the worst thing is: nobody is disagreeing with me, nobody wants to discuss with me what I have just said.

Kevin DeYoung wrote this post last night and I resonate with it.  I would love to have more interaction over the gospel and its impacts for life.

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