The Replay of Micah 1:2-7

Last night I had a great conversation with some folks in the church about the judgment of Christ upon believers.  There were some wonderful thoughts, but what struck me most was how quick we, reformed believers, are to dismiss any sort of accountability for the life we live as Christians and assume that Jesus is just going to be thrilled with everything we do and that his grace will cover over all our sin.  While I fully agree that any lack in the Christian is made up by Christ, in fact, we are totally hidden in Christ’s righteousness, I can’t, and I don’t believe Micah could, excuse people from taking seriously their sin and the judgment which will come.

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  1. I want to make a few more comments. It seems that there has been alot of discussion in the church community about being judged as Christians and there are a few misunderstandings. I think we are focussing on two different aspects. When I say judgment upon Christians, I am not talking about being thrown in hell with unbelievers. Born again believers are safe and secure in Christ. We have no fear of ever suffering the wrath of God. But that seems to be the way people have heard the term based upon long standing traditional use of the word judgment. When I use the term in relation to the Christian, I am speaking about admonition, divine discipline and even a lack of award and crowns to throw down at the foot of the cross. Our life on earth may be such that in heaven we come before the throne empty handed, instead of with offerings to give to Christ. Being present is great and gracious, being present with gifts to give the King Eternal is even better.

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