The Replay of Micah 1:1-2

As we reflect on the message of Micah 1:1-2 for us this week I have been struck by God’s use of his chosen people as a tool to teach the world about their sin. God uses those he loves in order to ensure that the world understands that sin is bad stuff and that if it is found unacceptable in the people of God, how much more is it not going to be overlooked in those who aren’t God’s people. The sins of trusting in military might, idolatry and failing to raise our children to know and serve the Lord are but a snap shot of the things going on during Micah’s years of ministry, and all those sins are alive and well today. Should this not concern us and bring us to repentance? And yet, I am woefully negligent in even recognizing these sins in our world and in my life, much less repenting of them. This week, I urge you to reflect on your sin and God’s hatred of it. Then confess and turn from such ways to seek the Lord with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind. This is God’s desire for you.

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pastor of Hope in Christ Church, Bellingham, WA
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