Corrie ten Boom on godliness in business

Do you live like this?
“Corrie ten Boom tells a story about her father that exemplifies the godliness Micah describes.  Her father was a watchmaker, and the family was experiencing great financial hardship.  A wealthy man came into his shop and decided to buy the most expensive timepiece available, the sale of which would provide for all the family’s needs.  As her father was putting the cash into the box, the man mentioned that he was buying it because a nearby competitor had been unable to fix his previous watch.  At this, Corrie’s father asked to see the broken watch.  After a few minutes of tinkering, he handed it back, fixed. “There, that was a very little mistake,’ he said.  ‘It will be fine now.  Sir, I trust the young watchmaker.  Someday he will be just as good as his father…Now I give you back your money and return your watch.’
Young Corrie was shocked by her father – by his justice, kindness, and humble walk before God.  She complained that he had thrown away a golden opportunity for much-needed income.  But he gently chided her, “Corrie, what do you think that young man would have said when he heard that one of his good customers and gone to Mr. ten Boom?  Do you think that the name of the Lord would be honored?  As for the money, trust the Lord, Corrie.  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and He will take care of us.’ Corrie’s father showed justice to the man whose watch needed fixing.  He showed kindness to the young watchmaker whose reputation was at stake.  And most importantly, his approach to business and life was humbly appropriate for one redeemed and cared for by the sovereign God of grace.”
from  Richard D. Phillips, Jonah and Micah IN Reformed Expository Commentary Series, P&R Publishing: Phillipsburg, NJ, (c)2010, pg. 295.]

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