Replay of Jude 17-23

As I reflect on what it means to contend for the faith, I want to be sure that we all hold onto the gospel message, namely it is Christ who keeps us from stumbling and no one else.  That said, Christ keeps us from stumbling by leading us into certain actions which we are privileged to cooperate in.  These are

  1. Remembering the apostle’s teachings and applying them to life
  2. Seeking to be unified with others who hold to Christ and Christ alone
  3. Encouraging on another
  4. Praying for one another
  5. Holding onto the hope that God isn’t finished but is coming back for us
  6. Showing mercy to those who struggle in the faith and answering their questions
  7. Evangelizing those in and out of the faith who struggle to live the gospel
  8. Having a great fear of God’s judgment on sin and those participating in it so that we do all of the above

I urge you to reflect on your Christian walk this week and ask, “Where is the Holy Spirit calling me to contend for the faith in this list?”  As you answer that, pray for wisdom to understand the next step he would like you to take as he keeps you from stumbling.


About Scott Roberts

pastor of Hope in Christ Church, Bellingham, WA
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