The Replay – Galatians 6:11-18

Slow motion, alternate camera angles, rewinds – all of these are the wonders of modern technology and they have been used in sports to relive great plays and horrible calls.  Such is our hope today as we get an instant replay of God’s word from this past Sunday.

In the final paragraphs of Galatians, the Apostle Paul wants to make three points:

  1. No one is able to keep the Law of God.  We are all sinners. (v.13)
  2. Even though we can’t keep God’s Law or man’s, we try because we are afraid of suffering for Jesus.  Peer pressure is intense and unfortunately it calls people away from complete trust in God’s grace and that is sad because human effort is pointless and worthless. (v.12-13)
  3. The only effort and acceptance that ever matters is that of Jesus Christ.  Jesus’ life on earth, death on the cross and subsequent resurrection are the only things that matter and they are given to us by the Holy Spirit.  When the Spirit brings us to this understanding, New Life has begun and that new life ushers us into all the benefits of the New Creation – a hatred of sin, a joyful proclamation of truth, a desire to have the laws of God fulfilled in our hearts and lives, etc.  Each of these things is a result of the new creation in Christ, but they come after being born of water and the spirit. (v.14-15)

As you live, work and minister this week, Thank God for these truths.  Salvation is a free gift, as is our growth in Christ-likeness.  And ask yourselves, “Is peer pressure drawing me away from the New life of Christ, or drawing me into it?”  Then purpose to be drawn into it and to draw others towards it as well.

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pastor of Hope in Christ Church, Bellingham, WA
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