Marriages Built to Last

14 years ago I made a life changing decision – I married my wife.  I would love to say that all the years have been easy and wonderful, but there has been difficulty and trial.  It all began on the morning I was supposed to get married.  I woke up and suddenly it dawned on me, “If I do this I can’t get out of it.”  I contemplated not following through but thanks be to God, my best man stood by me and talked me out of my fear and reminded me of all the good things about the woman who was to be my wife. There are a variety of lessons to learn about marriages that are built to last, but if I were to break it down to two things each and every marriage could practically do it would be the lessons I learned on that Saturday morning as I stood with my best man. The first lesson is this: They are permanent.  Marriages aren’t like cars, you can’t trade them in. During our engagement, my wife and I spent a lot of time talking about this reality and setting up a framework for permanence that began and ended with refusing to ever say the “D” word.  Divorce simply would not be an option that we ever vocalized and so it was never an option we could contemplate.  If every marriage implemented this lesson today, we would be laying a strong foundation for permanence and commitment.

The second lesson about building lasting marriages: My spouse has many redeeming features, and is a wonderful blessing to me.  Think about it.  When you believe this about any person it makes it very easy to overlook their faults and press on in the hard times.  Taking time to catalogue the list of wonderful traits that your spouse has and then telling them about each of these gifts they bring to the relationship is a wonderfully encouraging way of strengthening your marriage.

So today, 14 years later, I want to tell the world: I LOVE MY WIFE and we have a marriage that is built to last.  Thanks for loving me back and for putting up with all of my peculiarities.  I love you so much and the way you bring joyful laughter to our whole family.


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    Happy 14th Anniversary!! Herm & I just celebrated our 41st!!

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