The Replay of Galatians 6:6-10

Like a great football game, the replay’s come all through the action. I do not presume to be as entertaining as a football match but Christ’s message is certainly worth revisiting. It is midweek and here are my thoughts for your further reflection from the Sunday sermon. generosity and supporting gospel ministry are callings for every Christian. We can do this both financially and practically. Financially we support those brothers and sisters who faithfully proclaim sin, salvation and eternal life and we also make resources available for those in need. Practically we share encouragement, insights and other gifts with one another. What good thing have you shared with this week?

Paul uses a planting metaphor to discuss the kind of life we are living and the fruit we are expecting to gain. Are we planting Christ in our lives through attention to the Scriptures and active obedience to them? This will bear good fruit in season. If not, what are we planting in our business? What are we planting in our family? What are we planting in ourselves? Consider the likely fruit each area of you life will bear if Christ and obedience to his word are not actively being planted in your heart and life.

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pastor of Hope in Christ Church, Bellingham, WA
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