The Replay

It’s Tuesday again and that means, its time for The Replay.  On sunday we explored Galatians 6:1-5 and found that every believer has a responsibility towards every other believer, for we are all spiritual beings, enlivened by the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, each of us has a responsibility to serve one another in love by seeking to stop sin in its tracks, both in our life and in the life of our fellow brothers and sisters.  While it takes all the fruit of the Spirit to do this, Paul specifically singles out the aspect of love known as gentleness.  Why because gentleness allows us to get close to hurting people and gentleness allows us to identify with them and gentleness gives us an approach that eases and minimizes the pain involved in calling sin sin and bearing it away.
Remember our call is to remove sin from the person, not carry it alongside them.  We are to take it away from them and them away from it, just as Jesus bore our sins away from us.  Finally we must remember that this work is dangerous stuff, for sin always wants to capture us too.  There are many ways we can be ensnared: from participating in the same sin, to judging our fellow brother or sister, to ignoring their sin, etc.  Each of these is sinister and dangerous, but with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and a focus on Christ, there is hope.
This week as you walk through life, take stock of your own life.  Reflect on the areas where you need to compare yourself to Christ and take care of business.  But also be cognizant of those around you.  Seek to gentle help them to be freed from the sins in their life.  Take time and use skill in identifying sin and in helping others to be freed.  May God give you peace and wisdom.

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pastor of Hope in Christ Church, Bellingham, WA
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