Christian groups and the future of the campus

Yesterday an interesting Supreme court ruling occurred.  You can read about it here.  In the ruling, the court determined that public schools can deny funding to groups who aren’t open to anyone with any ideology or persuasion as members or office bearers.  Sounds great right?  Maybe and maybe not.  Essentially what the court just did is to say that the religion of America is secular pluralism and that any group wanting to have money from the government must hold to a secular pluralist perspective, or forfeit the right to have funding.  Seems to me this could go a long way to kill the faith based initiatives of the white house.

While the court did not grant the schools the right to keep exclusive groups off campus, they did deny them the use of funding common to many groups, like photocopies, free rentals, etc…The good is that this will force Christian groups to put their own money where their belief are; the bad, it is a blatant violation of the constitutions separation of church and state, for the government has just enshrined a particular worldview and hence a state church has been born.

For the official Supreme Court ruling, go here.


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