Family prayer Times

Should families pray together?  Of course, we answer, but why?  Simply stated, because all churches ought to pray to God and praise him and

a Christian family is a church…a society of Christians gathered for the worshipping and serving of God (Baxter. p83).

This is the call of the family, to gather and worship and serve God in life by discipling new and young believers, modeling Christian living and faith, praising God for his answers to pray and requesting of him the necessities of life.  This is our call as Christians generically and as churches corporately.  Maybe the lack of church prayer stems from a lack of family prayer and a misuderstanding of the nature and purpose of family.

Families don’t exist to make us feel good, though that is a by product of true family.  And Families don’t exist to meet our needs, thought this too happens.  Rather families exist to glorify God – and glorifying God happens through worship and service, of which prayer is a part.  Let us, as families, commit to praying and teaching our members how to pray that God may be glorified in the present and future generations.

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pastor of Hope in Christ Church, Bellingham, WA
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