On Managing Your Family

Men, here are some words of advice from an 18th century preacher:

  1. Teach your family that your fatherly authority comes from God and that God establishes all authorities both in the home and in society.
  2. Fear God greatly and allow that fear and reverence to affect every action and instruction you give.
  3. Do not lose your authority by failing to use your authority.
  4. Study God’s word to learn how to lead, where to go, what to avoid, etc.
  5. Understand the temperaments of your family members and deal with each accordingly, not with all the same.
  6. Let love manage your life so that your family desires to obey
  7. Obey God first.  They wont obey you if they see you disobeying God.
  8. Make the enjoyment of God the ultimate end of all you do.
  9. Ensure God’s authority is maintained more carefully than your own.
  10. Love the souls of your family.
  11. Don’t work them to death, practice moderation.
These have been modified or simplified from Baxter’s list in “The Godly Home.”  

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pastor of Hope in Christ Church, Bellingham, WA
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