Requirements for Baby sitters exceed that of teachers?

“One of the great ironies among modern evangelicals is the fact that many have higher and stricter standards for their children’s baby-sitter than they do for their children’s teachers. Is a baby-sitter needed?  She should be a Christian, and a reliable one.  She should be known to the family, or highly recommended by someone who is.  And for what task?  To keep Johnny safe and dry until bedtime and then to tuck him in.

But five years later, Johnny comes home from his first day of school.  He bursts in the front door, full of news.  His parents ask all kinds of questions.  And one of them is:  ‘Who is your teacher, Johnny?’  The parents don’t know the teacher’s name.  They don’t know if the teacher is an atheist or a Southern Baptist.  They don’t know is he is a socialist or a conservative Republican. They don’t know if she is a lesbian or straight.  And what is the teacher’s task?  Her task is to help them shape the way the child thinks about the world.  Does God exist?  If He exists, is His existence relevant to the classroom?  And what is the nature of man?  what is the purpose of society?  How did many get here?  Where should he go?  How should he conduct himself on the way?  None of these questions can be answered without certain worldview assumptions, and the parents in this example do not even know whether they share the worldview of their child’s teacher.”

from Douglas Wilson, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, pg 57.


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