Heidelberg Catechism Devotional Q24

Q.24. How are these articles divided?

AInto three parts: God the Father and our creation; God the Son and our deliverance; God the Holy Spirit and our sanctification.


Have you ever tried to memorize a series of facts?  It can be difficult, but if you can arrange them into some sequence that makes sense, and points you to the next item, it is much easier. So it is with the Apostles’ Creed.  It is divided into 3 sections related to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  Furthermore, each section attributes an action to that particular person of God: Creation, salvation and the making of our present lives holy.
This does not mean the others persons of the godhead have nothing to do with the other processes.  They most certainly do, for “God is one.” But like all memory aids, it helps us to understand what God has done, is doing and will continue to do through his one divine nature. 
Read Psalms 33.  Did you notice that the one Lord creates, saves and is our hope for holiness?  The first two are easy to spot; but the last one is expressed in the final verse, “May your unfailing love rest upon us.”  If God’s love is to rest on us, we must be made holy.  Thank the Lord for these three wonderful acts at work in the world.


Let’s look at the act of Creation today.  The creed tells us God the Father was responsible for creation. Read Revelation 4:11.  But we also know that the Son was involved in the process of creation as well.  Read Colossians 1:15-16.  And so was the Holy Spirit.  Read Genesis 1:2.


Yesterday we saw how all three persons of the Godhead were involved in the creation of all that is seen and all that is unseen.  Today we will explore the process of salvation.  Again, the Creed reminds us that God the Son, Jesus Christ, was the main person responsible for rescuing us from sin.  And that is true, without Jesus physically coming to earth, taking on flesh, dying on a cross and rising from the dead, there would be no forgiveness of sins.  Read 1 Corinthians 15:14-17. 


Yesterday we saw that the Son is responsible for our salvation, But God the Father and the Spirit are also involved in our redemption.  God the Father, according to Peter planned the whole thing.  If God hadn’t planned it, approved it, and raised Jesus, then no salvation would exist.  Read Acts 4:22-24.  But the Spirit also acts in salvation, for unless the Spirit gives us new life, we are not saved. Read John 3:6-7.


Now that we have seen how God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit were each involved in creation and redemption, can you guess which parts of God are involved in our sanctification?  That’s right, all three persons who make up the one God.  The creed tells us that the Holy Spirit is the main actor in our continued growth in holiness.  In fact Jesus himself said that was the Spirit’s job.  Read John 14:26 and 15:26 and 16:13.  In guiding us into truth, testifying about Christ, teaching us all things and reminding believers of the Son’s words, we are made holy.  That is sanctification.  But did you also notice in those passages that the Father sends the Spirit and so does the Son? 


We know that all three persons of the Godhead are involved in our sanctification. That means each and every person of the Trinity is working to make us holy.  There are a few other Scriptures that will encourage you in this truth. Paul makes this very explicit in many of his greetings. Read Galatians 4:6 and 1 Thessalonians 5:23.  Let two more Scriptures suffice to ensure you that Jesus is your sanctification.  Read 1 Corinthians 1:2 and 6:11.

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