Where’s Jesus? Joseph Sold into Slavery (Genesis 37)

In this story, Joseph has two dreams about reigning over the family and he is ultimately sold into slavery by his jealous brothers who can’t stand how his father treats him.  This story has Jesus written all over it.  Jesus is like Joseph in many respects.  He is hated by the Jewish leaders just as Joseph was hated.  He is sold into slavery, condemned to a life of death just as Joseph was sold and condemned.  He was treated horribly by those who should have been concerned about the requirements of the Law, just as Joseph was treated poorly by a family who should have been concerned with his welfare.  Just as the brothers refused to kill him themselves but sold him for silver, so Christ was sold by Judas for 30 shekels of silver to the Jewish leaders.

But the greatest similarity and the one that is the most life giving is this:  while Joseph who had images of authority and power in his mind that extended over his family, Jesus had even greater images as the great king whom all the nations of the earth will bow down before.


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