christianity-New Age dialogue #5

On Dec 1, 2009, at 9:53 PM, Joshua Williams wrote:

I thought of some things. I remember seeing you mention that you were trying to see if there were some “self-help” value in some of the new age stuff. While my lines may be blurry in my beliefs between Christianity and my adapted beliefs, I am still fairly clear on the line from the Christian perspective. I may be able to help you use some of the findings in a Christian way.

The most powerful form of prayer is gratitude from my perspective. This is not to say that one should nor could trick God into giving them what they want by being grateful (Dude is way too smart for that 🙂
Just being grateful for what you have is a wonderful praise to God and attracts more abundance. This is because partially because you are now noticing all that God has provided you. Many people go through life counting the bad things that happen and asking God why while readily forgetting all the blessings. So, thank God for the little things, the big things and whatever you find is a blessing in the moment you think of it (some are in disguise).

Here is one where you must decide if it crosses the line. Remember the little engine that could? He would say, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…” while picking up speed to overcome a hill. When praying it is beneficial to have your mind focused on your topic, speak the words of your prayer, then proceed to take steps toward your goal. I think you know this already. The idea is that thinking creates on one level, speaking is a higher vibration than thought and creates on a more powerful level. The deed is the third level of creation, and when all three are aligned you begin to attract (or move toward) your goal. You can apply this technique outside of prayer as well. I tie this with the scripture that says life and death are in the tongue in my mind. The idea of your thoughts creating your reality is big in the New Age community. In fact many believe that our collective consciousness is responsible for how we all experience reality.

There is at least one other I can think of but I want to keep this short, so take care.



On Dec 12, 2009 I responded:


I agree. Thanksgiving or Gratitude is powerful, for it keeps us focused on the goodness of God and the fact that even in the midst of trial or hardship, God is still bringing us good things. Psalm 50:23 says,

“He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God.”

Gratitude is the path that opens up God’s salvation to us.

Your illustration sounds like something take right out of popular psychology novels like “The Secret” I agree that there is some truth to the fact that our thoughts, words and deeds are all creators of reality. But where does your presentation leave room for God. According to much new age philosophy, God is not a personal being actively involved in the world, so the illustration basically removes God from the world. But God is still involved and he controls the complete universe in order to work out his plan. I think new age hits on some truth, but misses The Truth by refusing to acknowledge God. Furthermore, I really struggle with the ideas of wavelength energy and creative power.


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    He's taking The Little Engine that Could out of context! :0)

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