National Healthcare – a different view

Many of us are eagerly following the healthcare reform play out on Capitol Hill.  Here is one piece articulating opposition based not on economic argument but on the oath of office to uphold the constitution.  I found it interesting, for Brad Green argues that in supporting the nationalization of healthcare, proponents are
“calling for their elected federal officials to violate the law of the land, and to violate their oath of office, by clearly and unabashedly taking one more step in the destruction of the very Constitution they have sworn to uphold.”

The very statement charges that support of the measure is an encouragement to sin and violate Jesus teaching on honesty and truth. Whether or not you agree with his logic, or argument, I encourage you to read the piece. It is a distinctly different approach than I have seen on either side of the issue to date.

Brad Green teaches theology at Union University in Jackson. He is a co-founder of Augustine School in Jackson

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