Wisdom and Contentment from 100 years ago

Writing over 100 years ago, Robert William Dale has a take on wisdom and contentment which I found to be fairly radical in our contemporary world.  Here are his words,

“Wisdom, if we had it, would transfigure life.  You have an unreasonable employer; wisdom would teach you to regard his unreasonableness as a divinely appointed discipline to train you to good temper.  A man has greatly wronged you; wisdom would teach you to regard the wrong as giving you the opportunity of fulfilling our Lord’s precept: “Bless them that curse you.  Pray for them that despitefully use you.”  Your occupation is dreary, monotonous, badly paid; wisdom will teach you to do your work as unto the Lord and not unto men, and this will bring down into your work-room light from heaven.  You lose money that you have worked hard for; wisdom will teach you that this loss will help you not to put your trust in uncertain riches.”  
–“The Gospel of Suffering” from The Epistle of James and other Discourses, pg. 12-13.

How would such an idea of wisdom, combined with contentment, all of life’s situations and the sovereignty of God change the way we lived?

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