Abandoned Babies and the Slums

Many of you are familiar with our previous work with InterVarsity, our passion for missions, and our desire to see children adopted.  A good friend of mine is on staff with IVCF and is currently in Kenya working in the slums with some students.  Let me quote from his most recent prayer letter to give one more compelling reason why Christians must consider adoption:

“This week, there were 2 new babies brought to the orphanage. One (Sophia) had been dumped naked by a river in the slum and left for dead. The police brought her in with bruises, scratches, and rashes. The second (Jinci) had been left all day in the hot sun outside of a church. Nuns from that church brought the baby to the orphanage. They are both doing well and recovering from their injuries. All of the children in this orphanage have similar stories and it is a blessing to be able to serve these kids whom God has rescued from terrible circumstances.”

Now, I am told by many people, it is better to support a bunch of kids than to adopt them into our homes in the USA.  If that is the case, you tell those children it is better for them to be one of hundreds of children dumped by the river, or scalded by the sun, in an orphanage where a handful of adults serve them and the adult:child ratio would cause any school-board to cringe.  Where are they going to receive the love they need in order to grow up healthy?  Sure they get more in the orphanage than they had before, but they would be even better off inside a christian family and home.  Just another compelling reason to consider adoption.

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